City Suburbs Map MSRCRS
The City Suburbs are a location in MySims: RogerCo. Rescue Squad. This is where you start off completing tasks for various residents including your assistant Natalia. Soon, Walker gives you access to the Monorail to find RogerCo.


Buildings/Minor Locations

  • Headquarters: Workplace Of Walker/Workplace Of Natalia
  • Natalia's House: Home to Natalia
  • Walker's Mysterious House: Home to Walker
  • Poppy's Florist: Workplace Of Poppy/Home to Poppy
  • Gino's Pizzeria: Workplace Of Gino/Home to Gino
  • Luis's Library: Workplace Of Luis/Home to Luis
  • Evelyn's House: Home to Evelyn/Home to Madison
  • Chaz's House: Home to Chaz
  • Travis's House: Home to Chaz

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