Chris is a pastry chef that loves anything sweet. Not only does he open a pastry shop in your town, he also assits Grandma Ruthie in Spookane, lives in the town that hosts festivals, and caters Club Candy in the Industrial District.

Role in Games


MySims, MySims Party, and MySims Agents

For the first 4 games in the series he appeared in, Chris has remained with the same exact look: A Rainbow Sprinkled Chef's Hat and a Chef's Uniform. He has dot-like eyes and a large grin.

MySims Kingdom, and MySims Adventure

When Chris first appears, he is in his regular outfit. However, since he is not allowed to wear bright colors in Spookane, Ruthie made him change into a darker outfit

MySims SkyHeroes

In MySims SkyHeroes, Chris has now gone from a Chef's Uniform into a Pilot's Uniform. The new uniform is white with cake symbols on it.

Sims from
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