It begins with Hopper and Poppy looking at the other kid MySims playing and having fun,but the Buddy,Travis,Chaz,and Leaf telling them that they have to train hard if they want to face Morcubus in the final battle.Lyndsay tells the others that MorcuCorp has broke in the Sim Museum,Poppy and Hopper stay and train hard.At the Museum,MorcuCorp were at the Museum staring at dinosaur skull call the Simosaur,Morcubus tells the others that he going to bring it back to like and make it hunt our heroes.The MySims jump on the Simosaur bone while Morcubus was turning back the clock,Travis throws his Super Phone at the Super Beam which cancelled bringing the Simosaur back to life.MorcuCorp runs off while four of the members steal the Silver Tomb.The MySims fail to catch the members and realize that they turned into kids and the police come and think that the kids stole the tomb.Back at the Sim HQ,Dr. F and Lyndsay tell Poppy and Hopper to be in charge of the HQ.The kids apologize for stealing and realize that the Simosaur has been brought back to life.They disguise themselves as schoolkids and tell Poppy and Hopper to meet them at Gino's Pizza.Hopper and Poppy were shocked at what happened to them and tell them they know what to do.They went to Sim Comics and tell Vic about the Simosaur and that it comes in the night.Hopper and Poppy tell Lyndsay and Dr. F that the others have turned into kids.Dr. F and Lyndsay buy Older Juice to cah

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