Chef Hisao Watanabe
Chef Hisao Watanabe (MSP)
Name Chef Hisao Watanabe
Home/Home Galaxy Sushi Scramble Galaxy
Species Human
Group None
Role Sushi Chef
Family {{{family}}}

Chef Hisao Watanabe appears in MySims Galaxy. He lives in the Sushi Scramble Galaxy and also owns a sushi restaraunt, which is positioned next to the bay. He helps you to collect some fish in the game by telling you facts and figures about some of the fish, and where they're most likely to be.


Hot Tub Help

Objective: Connect the Hot Tub to the Pump.

Introduction Dialogue: What? Oh ... WE'RE GONNA GO OUT OF BUSINESS! // Oh, you'll help? // I'm Hisao Watanabe, could you fix it for me?

Notepad Task Information: The Hot Tub that preserves the fish has lost it's water supply. You need to go and fix it for him.

Conclusion Dialogue: Why thank you [player name], I really appreciate it!

Notepad Task Conclusion Dialogue: Well done! Who ever knew one person could be good at so many things?

Reward: Chef Hisao Watanabe's Outfit



  • Hello there, I'm Chef Hisao Watanabe. I'm the owner of this here sushi restaurant.

When working on another Sushi Scramble Galaxy mission

  • I will be happy when everybody learns to juggle knives like me. Hai! Hai! Hai!
  • Have you met my niece yet, Sachiko?

After completing Hisao's missions

  • Pre-packaged sushi from a supermarket is an abomination, and should not be allowed to exist!
  • I've learned my knife-wielding skills from many disciplines: master chefs, ninja masters, even pirates! Top secret that is!

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