Chef Gino Delicioso
Gino (5)

Character Info

Name Chef Gino Delicioso
Role Chef
Location Gino & Stephinia's Pizzeria, Sims Island
Commercial or Townie Commercial
Interests Tasty, Spooky
Trait Natural Cook

Chef Gino Delicioso appears in the Wii version of MySims Islanders. He is your foster father, Stephinia's husband and runs the Pizzeria on Sims Island in the game.

Interests and Traits

Tasty Spooky Natural Cook Trait


Gino loves both his family and his job. He is extremely passionate about being a Pizza Chef. He has already opened up one restaurant and now that it is established and in safe hands, he has moved with Stephinia and yourself to Sims Island to set up another Pizzeria.


Task 1 - Manca Stufa!

Requirements: Stove with 6 Red Apples.

Introduction: Oh no! The delivery men have lost my stove! Could you please make me another one?

Hint: Red Apples grow on trees in the garden, just use some of those. They're really tasty!

Completion: Magnifico! It's beautiful! Thanks, son.

Reward: Stove Blueprint (except if already unlocked)

Task 2 - Kitchen Compliments

Requirements: Fridge with 4 Red Apples, Sink with 2 Black Apples & 4 Green Apples.

Introduction: Oh a-dear! The delivery men have lost more of my appliances. Could you please?

Hint: All these apples grow in the main garden. Feel free to take as many as you like.

Completion: Fantastico! This is a-wonderful. Thank you so much! I don't have any more requests but check with Stpehinia. She might have a little thing or two that needs doing.

Reward: Fridge Blueprint, Sink Blueprint (except if already unlocked)

Final Task - Doomed Delivery

Requirements: Give the pizza to Commander MorcuBot.

Introduction: Oh [player name], I have just one final request for you. I can't leave the Pizzaria right now, but I need to deliver this pizza. It's my last one, could you do it for me?

Hint: Just give it to the MorcuBot guy. It's the last one!

Completion: N/A

Reward: N/A


Introduction to Player

  • It's so nice to see you again! Me and Stephinia missed you a-lots!

Before you start doing tasks for the Pizzeria

  • There's always a warm spot in my heart when I see you, [player name]. You really brighten up my day!
  • Is it just me, or is this place getting Tastier each day?
  • I do like this island, lots of friendly people who appreciate my fine foods!

After all of the Tasks at the Pizzeria have been completed

  • Thank you, [player name], you're a wonderful [son/daughter]! The things you made for us are wonderful!
  • I don't have any more tasks for you, but I'm sure if you ask [name of Sim with uncompleted tasks], they might have something for you to do.

During Delivery

  • Just give it to the MorcuBot guy. It's the last one!

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