Chef Charlie Delicioso
Chef Charlie Delicioso (DS)
Name Chef Charlie Delicioso
Home/Home Galaxy Cake Time Galaxy
Species Human
Group None
Role Chef
Family None

Chef Charlie Delicioso appears in MySims Galaxy DS on the Cake Time Galaxy. He is running his own cake shop with his employee, Zeke. He is also good friends with Victoria, a regular customer at his shop.


Delivery Dilemma

Objective: Deliver the Cake Box to Victoria

Introduction Dialogue: I'm sorry to disturb you, but would you be able to deliver this to Victoria please? She's unable to come to the shop and I'm unable to leave. You will? Thank you so much!

Notepad Task Information: Simple task, just deliver the cake to Victoria. Be sure not to eat it on the way!

Conclusion Dialogue: Oh thank you so much [player name]. You're truly a great person!

Notepad Task Conclusion Dialogue: I wonder if he'll give you a year's supply of cake as a reward ... man that'd be nice.

Reward: Charlie Delicioso's outfit, Charlie Delicioso is now a contact on your phone.



  • Hello there, welcome to my cake shop! What would you like?

When working on another Cake Time Galaxy mission

  • Have you met my friend Victoria yet? She's a lovely girl, and also a regular customer!
  • Do you think I should put some artwork around the shop? I'm not sure...

After completing Charlie Delicioso's missions

  • I once made a Master Cake and got a friend to send a photo of it to It was really cool!
  • Do you cook or bake much?

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