Chaz McFreely
Chaz McFreely (MSA)
Name Chaz McFreely
Home/Home Galaxy Stunt Show Galaxy
Species Human
Group None
Role Stuntman
Family None

Chaz McFreely appears in MySims Galaxy. He is a stuntman, in the Stunt Show Galaxy. His number one fan is Sandra who often compliments Chaz on his stunts. During the game, he will get you to move a statue of Chaz on his motorbike to the back of the stunt arena.


Broken Bike

Objective: Fix the Chaz's broken Stunt Bike

Introduction Dialogue: Yo, dude. Can you fix my stunt bike? Some vandal came along and broke it!

Notepad Task Information: Chaz wants you to fix his bike, since that's the whole point of this galaxy, you might as well!

Conclusion Dialogue: Dude that's rad! I can do my tricks now, thanks!

Notepad Task Conclusion Dialogue: Chaz was pretty happy that you'd managed to fix his bike with your "rad mechanical skillz". Now let's see some stunts!

Reward: None

Statue Slider

Objective: Push the statue to the back of the the arena

Introduction Dialogue: Dude, I can't do my stunt right now, the delivery guys have come with my statue but have just dumped it in the middle of the arena. Could you help me push it over to the back.

Notepad Task Information: A pretty simple task, just push the statue.

Conclusion Dialogue: Thanks man, I must repay you for your efforts today. Here, have a couple of free annual tickets to any of my shows!

Notepad Task Conclusion Dialogue: Well that statue's rather ... vein isn't it ...

Reward: Chaz McFreely's outfit and the alternative colouring of it.



  • Dude, you want an autograph?

When working on another Stunt Show Galaxy mission

  • Yes?
  • Extreme sports are pretty dangerous. One time I landed in some hay bales on a street lugging course, and a squirrel jumped out of it and bit my face! It was EXTREME!

After completing Chaz McFreely's missions

  • (PC Exclusive) Cedella and her refreshment stand do some really nice drinks! You should defiantly check them out!
  • Hey [player name]. What you been up to, anything extreme?
  • Thanks for your help dude, this place is now real rad!

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