General Characters

Almond Hills

  • Natalia Roshmonav- Agent for the S.I.M.
  • Vic Vector- Agent for the S.I.M.
  • Rosalyn P. Marshal- Agent for the S.I.M.
  • James Bond- Agent for the S.I.M.
  • Joshua Benson- Agent for the S.I.M.
  • Lilac Benson- Fashion Shop Owner
  • Lily Benson- Appliance Shop Owner
  • Charlie Bakewell- Baker
  • Cindy Farson- Resident
  • Casper Farson- Resident

Teffer Harbour

  • Poppy Nightshade- Florist
  • Tim Sweet- Chaz McFreely Enthusiast
  • Chaz McFreely- Stunt Artist
  • Barney Cull- Cruise Liner Captain
  • Mira Cull- Cruise Liner Assistant
  • Charlotte Hainsworth- Mathematician
  • Kyran James- Resident

Ess Quay

  • Martin Melston- Aviator
  • Omede Chance- Aviator
  • Locky Locke- Aviator
  • May Locke- Resident
  • Tiana Iradessa-Sanatri- Resident

Alaskan Hills

  • Nova Wisniewski- Creator of the Dark Star and Observatory Keeper
  • Paul Wisniewski- Yeti
  • Cincinnati Kaiser- Observatory Cleaner
  • Owen McFreely- Snowboarding Champion
  • Kjetil Hansen Berg- Norwegian Snowboarding Champion/Owen's Rival
  • Andrew G. Magana- Geneticist

Lily Lake

  • Luis Newfort- News Reporter
  • Taylor Redwood- 'Totes Fabulous' Magazine Editor
  • Clara Belle- 'Totes Fabulous' Magazine Editor
  • Lucy Belle- 'Totes Fabulous' Magazine Editor
  • Leaf- Elf
  • Petal- Elf
  • Aguerez- Elf
  • Hopper- Frog Imitationer
  • Lyndsay Bernstein- Explorer
  • Margaret Millfort- Curio Shop Owner
  • Amy Willenden- Water-Ski Enthusiast
  • Emily Willenden- Chess Enthusiast
  • Sylvia Turkey- Resident
  • Gonk Turkey- Resident


  • DJ Candy Supergroove- DJ '@ 'Opal's Hotspot
  • Sandra Nightlife- Roadie
  • Sapphire Fitzgerald- Roadie
  • Zack Marcus- Roadie
  • Marlin Geyfolds- Clubber
  • Saron Tapiste- Clubber
  • Nadisha Garfunkle- Resident


  • Violet Nightshade- Flower Shop Owner/Poet
  • Raven Chai- Spooky-themed Cafe Owner
  • Brendan Walsh- Member of PallyQuest Duties Club
  • Rob Jarett- Member of PallyQuest Duties Club
  • Ian Arneson-  Member of PallyQuest Duties Club
  • Clayton Dander-  Member of PallyQuest Duties Club
  • Karine Karrufe-  Member of PallyQuest Duties Club
  • Spencer Opulentic-  Member of PallyQuest Duties Club
  • Cedella- Retired Waitress/Resident
  • Jenny- Resident

River Dylse

  • Eliza Dolitip- Receptionist
  • Ray Gotye- Receptionist
  • Odin Revolution- Head of Revolution Inc.
  • Annie Radd- Vice Head of Revolution Inc.
  • Sachiko Watanabe- Waitress
  • Chef Hisao Watanabe- Chef
  • Jimmy Watanabe- Origami Enthusiast/Waiter
  • Matilda Evans- Exotic Pet Vet
  • Yvette Allide-Pois- Famous Actor

Parish Hills

  • Trevor Verily- Famous Actor
  • Linda Butler- Flourishing Actor & Pianist
  • Gordon Smith- Violinist
  • Duchess Beverly Blue- Duchess
  • Diamond Blue- Princess
  • Lord Daniel Blue- Lord
  • Ms. Nicole Vogue- Fashion Designer
  • Shirley Vogue- Hair Stylist
  • Anastasia Perton- Hypnotist
  • Peter 'Jeff' Tamespire- Librarian
  • Lynx Kluse- Daredevil
  • Marie Kluse- Daredevil
  • Ms. Leocadia Delicioso (AKA Ms. Gino)- Waitress
  • Chef Gino Delicioso- Honorary Pizza Chef of the Millenium
  • Chef Stephinia Delicioso- Pizza Chef

Lexington Borough

  • Alexa Lexington- Biologist
  • Jack Lexington- Doctor
  • Derek Vogue- Boyfriend of Makoto
  • Beebee Winthrop- Bunny Enthusiast
  • Preston Winthrop- Water Company Founder
  • Jeremy Snoars- Mausoleum Tour Guide
  • King Melphutamenemopet Tutakaman- Mummy
  • Dr. F- Scientist
  • Merc Falus- Retired Scientist
  • Marcy Falus- Inventor
  • Lotus Americo- Resident


  • Esma Ahaty- MorcuCorp CEO
  • Brandi Elixir- Factory Owner
  • Yuki Kyokosoki- MorcuShop Owner
  • Macovo Ellimuto- Resident
  • Tracy Dollar- Resident
  • Phineas Wellbeloved- Resident

The Bayou

  • Madame Zoe Escopette-  Fortune Teller
  • Zombie Carl- Butler
  • Goth Boy- Poet
  • Cassandra Uhander- Protector of the Mysterite
  • Cilan Uhander- Protector of the Death Star


  • Willow Norton- Royal Messenger
  • Brownie Auth- Student
  • Fred Auth- Student
  • Greg Gory- Policeman
  • Roxie Road- Ice Cream Parlour Owner
  • Walker Wense- Retired Spy
  • Wendalyn Yufort- Wonder Witch
  • Travis Britannia- Resident
  • Liberty Greenwood- Resident
  • Ruthie Clapper- Resident
  • Luka Allikschek- Resident


  • Amile Castrock- Miner
  • Sheriff Ginny Chippel- Miner
  • Rusty Ragnos- Miner
  • Ol' Gabby- Miner
  • Ollie Vincent- Miner
  • Cannistia Vincent- Miner
  • Sir Vincent Skullfinder- Museum Curator
  • Summer Skullfinder- Vice Museum Curator


  • Elmira Clamp- Librarian
  • Joseph Clamp- Librarian
  • Princess Butter I- Mini-Golf Queen
  • King Roland I- Mini-Golf King
  • Buddy Belhop- Belhop
  • Cameron Belhop- Belhop
  • Tilly Salute- Belhop
  • Raven Keed- Guest
  • Rico Naccaso- Resident
  • Faith Conners- Resident

City Centre

  • Morcubus Nemisisistic- Mayor
  • Skip Rogers- Vice Mayor
  • Cooper Hopkins- Chairman
  • Justice Hawks- Chairman
  • Finn Yieldshawk- Treasurer
  • Patrick Rhino- Construction Site Worker
  • Torajiro Gujish- Construction Site Worker
  • Rhonda Mottosi- Resident
  • Evelyn Gray- Resident

Edmont Shopping District

  • Roy Redvale- Shopkeeper
  • Kyouko Ignisun- Shopkeeper
  • Michelle Margin- Shopper
  • Taylor Tyson- Shopper
  • Makoto MODEL 6.7382- Shopper
  • Tad McFlipper McCaffrey- Poolkeeper
  • Bob Benedict- Shopkeeper
  • Aran Acitiri- Dojo Master
  • Daryl Handsly- Magician/Illusionist
  • Pinky Blinde- Shopper
  • Undercover Proto-Makoto (Disguised as Tyson Rios)- Spy
  • Tyson Rios- Spy
  • Edwin Noodles- Noodle Bar Owner
  • Matt McCaffrey- Reporter
  • Sasha Bonanz- Shopper
  • Stephen Albright- Builder

Notting Hill

  • MC Emi- Festival Host
  • Mitch- Festival Host
  • Bean Bradley- Festival Host
  • Crystal Petrified- Festival Host
  • Ian Arneson- Spectator
  • Abel Lingus- Sponsorer
  • Ashley Lingus- Sponsorer

Resoli Island

  • Hawk Carvin- Casino Dealer
  • Emma Carvin- Casino Dealer
  • Elizabeth Arneson- Fashion Designer
  • Tyler Hingerton- Fashion Designer
  • Ewan Ukian- Police Officer
  • Sophie Kenneavy- Resident
  • Dr. Nefario- Resident

Cynthio Woods

  • Foster Cartila- Ranger
  • Renee Liene- Ranger


Note: No sims live in the parklands but lots of sims do visit.

Exclusive Characters

  • Mashite (Pronounced Mash-ee-tay)

A smart young girl who adores playing tennis. Find her at Resoli Island!

  • Victoria

Another tennis player whose mom/mum and dad have went to compete in a competition in Wimbledon. Find her at Resoli Island!

  • Mr. Green

Find him at Lexington Borough!

  • Iggy

Find him at Edmont Shopping District!

  • Billy

Find him at Alaskan Hills!

  • Pharell (Cameo)

Pharell is a singer known for his incredibly popular songs. Find him at Resoli Island!

  • Dragomir 

Find him at Alaskan Hills!

  • Rose

Find her at Alaskan Hills!

  • Raphael

Find her at Alaskan Hills!

  • Selena

Find her at Alaskan Hills!

  • Sasha

Find her at Atlantica!

  • Morgan

Find her in the City Centre!

  • Margaret

Find her at Parish Hills!

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