Chancellor Ikara is a retired cooking show host. He is an expert at cooking and a very complex chef. He appears in MySims Islanders.

Role in Games


  • Chancellor Ikara is the only uber Sim who does not appear in MySims Party.
  • He may be based off of "The Chairman" from "Iron Chef: America", as well as his show also being based on "Iron Chef: America".
  • Despite being retired in MySims, Ikara is still a cooking show host in MySims Agents.
  • Ikara has more things to say at a single star level than any other Sim in MySims, most of which having to do with his secret ingredients.
  • Ikara is the only uber who doesn't give you a full outfit as part of a best friend reward, just his hat. Also, he doesn't give any variations of the one hat.
  • Given his appearance and name, Ikara may be Japanese, making him one of a few Japanese characters, alongside Chef Watanabe, Jimmy, Sachiko, Yuki, Makoto, and Kage.

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