Centre of the Universe is a galaxy in MySims Galaxy. It is the only galaxy accessable via the Control Room and is the final level in the story mode, however, after completing this, you can continue with the game, re-visiting galaxies.



Star SPOILER WARNING!!! Plot and/or ending details follow.

After completing all the galaxies, you then have to go to the Centre of the Universe, which is accessable via the Control Room. There, you enter a building, and inside you see all of MorcuCorp huddled around a machine. You stay hidden in the shadows, and listen. Morcubus gets up and sits on his throne and coughs. The rest of MorcuCorp turn and look at him. Morcubus then turns around and says "My dearest colleagues and friends. We have gathered around here tonight, to finally complete our plan, to take over the Universe. The machine is fully powered, I have the jewel, that'll send the beam, making everyone live their nightmares, once we have done that, King Roland will give give in his power, to save his people. We shall then rule, over the whole universe. MUHAHAHAHA!!!" The other MorcuCorp members, mumble an agreement. Morcubus then says "SO ..." turns and walks towards the machine.

The machine becomes activated and an earthquake occurs. The screen then flashes through everyone in the game, showing them and their worst fears coming to life. You then have to battle Morcubus in the finale battle to knock him out in order to stop the machine.

To Be Continued

SPOILER WARNING!!! Spoilers end here. Star


Type of Essence Pecific Essence How to Obtain Picture
Trophy MorcuCorp Badge Complete the main story of the game. MorcuCorp Logo
Note: There are no paints as you cannot decorate a room with this paint.
Fish N/A There is no fish to collect here. N/A

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