Capital Island is the capital of the kingdom and the area where King Roland's castle is located. You are from this island in MySims Kingdom and MySims Adventure.


  • In the French version of MySims Kingdom Wii, the narrator says that you must bring the pigs to Emilie. However, the narrator appeared to have meant Elmira.
  • Capital Island, along with the Reward Island and Isle of Magic is the only island without a fishing spot.
  • Strangely, the bridge wasn't there before Barney arrived at the castle, questioning why he was surprised to see it wasn't there.
  • While working on the gate, it's possible to climb to the top and go around the locked gate. However, if you do go around, as soon as you land you are teleported back to the front. It's similar to Marlon transforming so it's likely that opening the gate is part of the test and the teleportation is his doing.

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