Cake Time Galaxy is a galaxy in MySims Galaxy DS. It is where you can play the Cake Creator minigame, and is accessible via the Kitchen. Zeke and Victoria are roommates.


  1. Chef Charlie Delicioso ~ Cake Shop Owner
  2. Victoria ~ Resident
  3. Zeke Toymender ~ Cake Shop Worker


  1. Muffin ~ Pet Dog

Areas of Interest

Charlie's Cakes

  • Shop
  • Kitchen
  • Charlie's Bedroom

Zeke and Victoria's House

  • Kitchen/Dining Room
  • Lounge
  • Hallway
  • Bedroom

The Street

  • Newspaper Stand
  • Bus Stop


Type of Essence Essence Name How to Obtain Picture
Fish Om-Nom-Nom Fish Create 10 cakes in the Cake Maker Om Nom Nom Fish
Trophy Cake Complete the Cake Time Galaxy's Mischievous Comet. Cake

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