Buddy (MSA)
Name Buddy
Home/Home Galaxy Detective Galaxy
Species Human
Group None
Role Trainee Agent
Family None

Buddy appears in the Wii version of MySims Galaxy. He is a trainee agent who is being trained by Agent Walker on the Detective Galaxy.


Let's Decorate!

Objective: Re-paint the Attic where the bedrooms are.

Introduction Dialogue: Hey, so the bedroom area is really dull and dark. Could you repaint it and that, please?

Notepad Task Information: You've been asked to paint the upper floors, sounds easy ...

Conclusion Dialogue: You did it? Brilliant, thanks! I just hope Agent Walker understands ... I might have forgotten to clear this with him!

Notepad Task Conclusion Dialogue: Well, you finished repainting but turns out you might not of had permission to ... oh dear!

Reward: Buddy's outfit.



  • I'm Buddy *salutes* I wanna be an agent like Walker someday!

When working on another Detective Galaxy mission

  • Hey, pal, do they have agents on spaceships? It sure would be neat to fly on a spaceship.
  • I've only tripped 10 times today!
  • I'm a good artist actually, I'm great with comic books. If you ever need a comic, call me!

After completing Buddy's missions

  • It's so much nicer up their now, thanks!
  • I'm actually quite intelligent apparently.
  • I'm a robot! Bloop bloop!

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