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Buddy is one loveable guy and a clumsy klutz too. He serves as a bellhop in your town as well as another other town that hosts festivals. He also appears as King Roland's messenger in MySims Kingdom. Buddy also assist's the SPA, being a sketch artist and player's assistant as well as being a pilot in MySims SkyHeroes. He also appears in MySims Galaxy, MySims Agents 2: The Story of Morcubus,MySims Fusion, Buddy's Racing Story, MySims Stranded, MySims Townies,MySims: Build Your Life!, MySims: Buddy of OZ, MySims Islanders, MySims Agents: The Future Mystery, MySims 3', Buddy's Mansion, MySims, MyLife, MySims Action, MySims Super Spiez!, MySims Emerald, MySims Mystery, MySims Finish Line, MySims: Sim's Melee, MySims Fighting and MySims Naruto, in which he is the MySims equivalent of Rock Lee.

Role in Games

Foreign Names

  • English: Buddy
  • Dutch: Piet



Buddy's MySims Townies concept artwork.

  • In Buddy's Racing Story, Buddy said he was a bellhop from a small town, which is similar to Roy's job at the apartment building. Although this could be a reference to his role in MySims.
Buddy of OZ 3DS Cover (Japanese)

The Japanese 3DS cover for MySims: Buddy of OZ. (Romaji: Boku to Shimu no Machi: Ozu no Badi-kun.)

  • Buddy is always going on about being hungry and has an obsession with food, but his main interest has never been Food or Tasty.
  • MySims SkyHeroes is the only game where Buddy has no dialogue.
  • On the MySims Fanon Wiki, Buddy is the main protagonist in a spin-off called MySims: Buddy of OZ.
    • In the Japanese version, he uses bits of English.
  • In MySims the Animated Series, Buddy is actually half-Japanese and half-American, and he commonly mentions his mother, Yui Sakuya.
    • Buddy's last name may be "Sakuya", as this is his mother's name (she took her husband's name, but changed it after dicorving him, which happened before Buddy was born).
  • In MySims Islanders, he is the only commercial Sim to not share his favourite interest (Fun) with the interest given to his building of residence (Elegant).
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