Brownie Auth
Brownie Auth (MSG)
Name Brownie Auth
Home/Home Galaxy Lunar Lab Galaxy
Species Human
Group None
Role Librarian
Family Fred Auth

Brownie Auth appears in MySims Galaxy Wii. She is the librarian on the Lunar Lab Galaxy. She is often asked to gather books on the current project. Her brother is Fred.


Boom, Boom and BOOKS!

Objective: Replace all the books back, on the right shelves, within the time-limit.

Introduction Dialogue: UGH! This is such a mess! And we have visitors. Oh my ...

Notepad Task Information: Brownie needs help, all these massive explosions are causing havoc in her library. Can you clean up the books for her, before you run out of time?

Conclusion Dialogue: Wow! Thanks you two, I know who to call on next time.

Notepad Task Conclusion Dialogue: Well done! You've cleaned up the library. I wonder if you'll get a little something in return for your help ...

Reward: Brownie Auth's outfit.



  • {N/A as she has the first task}

When working on another Lunar Lab Galaxy mission

  • {N/A as this has to be the first task}

After completing Brownie Auth's missions

  • In most places, the risk of being struck by a falling meteorite for a human is one occurrence every 9,300 years. Here, it's one occurrence every second!
  • Thanks again for clearing this place up, I hate it when they do some mad experiment which messes it up!
  • A thimbleful of a neutron star would weigh over 100 million tons

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