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Brown Street is the first area you travel to in MySims Action. It is quite similar to the Main Street, from MySims Agents.


Star SPOILER WARNING!!! Plot and/or ending details follow.

It starts in Chef Hisao Watanabe's Restaurant, when a mysterious stranger walks in and ask for help. No matter what alignment you are, you need to do the mission. The person is Zipper Mushroomshock and is a Shield secret agent. She ask you to investigate Morgcorp, which leads you to a Morgcorp Prison along side Lilly. When you find Lilly you get recruited in Shield. Later on Morgcorp attacks Brown Street.

SPOILER WARNING!!! Spoilers end here. Star

Sims in Brown Street



  • Character icon is where a character might be. There are special notes for some.
  • Green=Grass
  • Dark White=Big Mysterious Building. Wall
  • Red=Watanabe's Shop
  • Dark Grey=Road
  • Orange=Roof Top Wooden Planks, Cedella Cafe
  • Black=Map Boarder
  • Note: Buddy, Iggy and Morcubus (The Sidekicks) stay with you and only appear on the first group maps, but they always follow you.
  • Violet (Violet only appears there on the mission "The Wasibi Thief")
  • Yuki (Always appears in the big mystrious building)

Brown Street (MySims Adventure)

Morgcorp Prison

  • Light Grey=Floor
  • Dark Grey=Wall


Morgcorp Spy

  • Host: Zipper
  • Objective: Beat Yuki and find Morgcorp Prison
  • Reward: New Location ( Shield Base) New Gadget (Music Player) New Multi-player Sim (Zipper Mushroomshock)
  • Cause (Why It Happened): Morgcorp had a hidden prison.
  • Alignment: Any

Cafe Crush

  • Host: Cedella
  • Objective: Beat the Morgcorp Strike Team
  • Reward: Simoleons (750)
  • Cause: Cedella started up an Anti Morgcorp squad
  • Alignment: Any

The Wasibi Thief

  • Host: Watanabe
  • Objective: Beat the thief, Violet
  • Reward: Simoleons (750)
  • Hidden Reward: Weapon (Shishi Gun) (Found in crate in Shishi Bar)
  • Cause: Violet stealing to feed starving family
  • Alignment: Any


  • Host: Ginny
  • Objective: Beat 10 enemy waves of MorcuBots
  • Reward: New Gadget (Zip Line) New Multi-player Sims (Travis, Ginny, Poppy, Beebee, and Vic)
  • Cause: To many threats on Brown Street
  • Alignment: Good, Neutral


  • Host: Chaz
  • Objective: Beat 3 waves of Shield Bots and then beat Travis, Beebee and Ginny
  • Reward: New Gadget (Zip Line) New Multi-player Sims (Travis, Ginny, Poppy, Beebee, and Vic)
  • Cause: To many threats on Brown Street
  • Alignment: Evil

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