Character Info

Name Brent
Gender Male
Location SteamTown, United Sim Country for Technology (USCT)
Job Agent
Family Erica (sister), Nathan (half brother), Evelyn (half sister), Michael Gray (father)

Brent appears in MySims Agents: The Future Mystery II.


Star SPOILER WARNING!!! Plot and/or ending details follow.

Brent was living with his mother, sister and father. One day, when he was 13, he went camping with his friends. He got lost in the woods, and fell down a small rift. Agents from the USCT rescued him, and brought him to their country in order to receive medical attention. He woke up three days later, and everything was explained tom him. However, the USCT was a very secretive society. They didn't want any information about their country leaked to the public. Not even what the streets look like. Brent was forced to stay in the USCT for the rest of his life. Back in SimCity, he was presumed deceased. Brent grew up and felt a debt to the country. He worked for the government as head of designing weapons for the Military. He was an excellent inventor. While working, he found out about a treasure. The treasure was a remote used to destroy Earth. The Remote would set fire to the moon, and pull itself into Earth's gravity. The government had kept that secret for a while. He was later fired for learning this classified information, and thrown in jail for not paying debts.

SPOILER WARNING!!! Spoilers end here. Star

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