Name Brendan
Home/Home Galaxy Arcade Galaxy
Species Human
Group None
Role Gamer
Family None

Brendan appears in MySims Galaxy Wii. He lives in the Arcade Galaxy and is usually in his house or at Vic's arcade. He dislikes Spencer because he isn't serious about gaming, he does it for fun, where as Brendan is a serious gamer.


The Special Controller

Objective: Find Brendan's missing personalized controller.

Introduction Dialogue: [player name], I need you help! I've lost my special, personalized controller. That Spencer's probably stolen it! Can you find it for me?

Notepad Task Information: Brendan's lost his controller, find it before he rage-quits.

Conclusion Dialogue: So did he nick it?! What ... he didn't? It was in my room ... oh ... never mind.

Notepad Task Conclusion Dialogue: You found it ... in his room all along. What's so special about the controller anyway?

Reward: N/A

The Spencer Issue

Objective: Socialize with Spencer to try and make him take gaming more seriously.

Introduction Dialogue: [player name], I'm sick of that Spencer kid flouncing about! I demand that you speak to him at once!

Notepad Task Information: Brendan's mad about Spencer, socialize with Spencer and perhaps Brendan'll calm down.

Conclusion Dialogue: You spoke to him, GOOD!

Notepad Task Conclusion Dialogue: Something's up with that guy ... seriously!

Reward: Brendan's Outfit



  • Not another "I-game-for-fun" person. Gee, we have far to many of them already!

When working on another Arcade Galaxy mission

  • Yes?
  • Hush, I'm gaming!
  • What, what do you want now?
  • Sorry, I'm busy right now. Please try again another time.

After completing Brendan's missions

  • Sorry if I've come off a bit rude earlier. I can get a little ... angry.
  • So, how's your mission going?
  • What's your high score on Plane VS. Eye? I'm 2nd at the moment, I will beat Vic eventually!

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