• SteampunkLemon

    Sim Request

    August 4, 2017 by SteampunkLemon

    I need a sim for MySims: Island Paradise and City Living.

    I need three versions;

    One for City Living. one for her City Living TV Show and one for Island Paradise

    I made concept art of Bonnie(regular):

    The other outfits will either come out late this night or early next morning.

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  • SteampunkLemon

    I need a sim for Island Paradise and City Adventures. Her name would be named Bonnie.

    Here's the concept art for Bonnie (she's inspired by Beebee)


    It would be great if Potterfan1997 could help or anyone!

    Hair: Crystal/ Eliza's Hair

    Hair Colour: Red

    Skin Tone: Pale

    Clothes: Beebee's clothes (if you can get them)

    Face Decal 1: Blush

    Face Decal 2: Freckles

    Pose?: Just any pose really...

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  • SteampunkLemon

    I sadly can't get MySims for PC, because my laptop doesn't even have a darn CD compartment. So, I might just have to take pictures of my TV...

    Does anyone have any tips on taking pictures of TV screens?

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  • SteampunkLemon

    MySims Oddesey

    August 1, 2017 by SteampunkLemon

    Welcome to Mysims Oddesey! Explore all of Simland - from Sunrise Valley to Cutopia - and make new friends and fearsome enemies!

    Customise your Sim

    Create and customise your character like never before! With new "Create a Style", the possibilities are nearly endless!

    Play with Relationships!

    Make friends with our vibrant cast of characters and have them accompany you on your journey, unless you're not that kind of person. If not, make fearsome enemies that will stand in your way and stop at nothing to take you down!

    Have fun with Friends!

    With all new MULTIPLAYER feature, play with friends all across the world with Online Play or stay at home and complete missions with your best friend by your side! Why don't you go to the Sim Plaza online and ba…

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  • Xyzpdqbgs

    ☆MySims Discord

    August 1, 2017 by Xyzpdqbgs

    Uh hey everyone! I wasn't sure which wiki to post this exactly since mysims wiki itself is dead-ish but Im just letting you know, there is a MySims discord server called The MyServer. It's a discord server where you can share headcanons, ocs, game stuff and more!

    The invite is here! Hope to see you there ^^

    I think I'll post on both wikis tbh lol but yeah!! ouo

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  • Yutakana

    So. MySims Fanon, we meet again. I used to be TheTasmanianDevil butttt I forgot my password and I don't have access to my old e-mail address. Great right? Anyway. By the looks of it this Wiki is pretty dead. I'm here to revive it! Hopefully... probably not but the more people the better. I've started working on MySims City. It's pretty cool, I hope you can check it out. My goal is to get this wiki to 3,000 pages! It's a stretch but I can do it!

    Anywho, nice to see y'all again, even if most of you are dead. I'll probably pester you to come back like I did on Blanky's YouTube

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  • PsuedoNym52


    January 19, 2017 by PsuedoNym52

    P.S. I don't know what I'm doing half the time, so if I messed something up or whatever, please tell me. I don't want to be banned again. :'D

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  • Limited2gal

    ok so

    i was reminded of the fanon wiki

    so i decded to visit again

    i thought i'd have a fun time until i saw one of my games was called "When Otaku Prosper"

    i haven't posted in 2 years

    i have no clue what i'm about to face

    (TRANSLATION: hi i'm back and probably gonna edit my pages around if they're not completely deleted yet rofl)

    i'll probably make some new pages too if i get to it but i dunno rofl

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  • Qubit2222

    I think that all of the Walker tabs should be moved to Ewan's page.

    Agree or disagree?

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  • Mirai Moon

    So... what's up?

    I'm surprised people are still editing here. For those of you who don't know, I used to go by Animal Crossing Leader / TimeSoul (or Jake)... which means I'm the founder of this here wiki. I know I've been neglecting it for a....... well it's been about a year since the last time I made a mainspace edit, but even then I didn't really care much for the wiki.... so let's just say it's been quite a while, yeah?

    I'm probably going to go through and delete a few of my older articles, but I'm planning on redoing Watching Money... (especially since I now know how to write... well a bit better) at some point.

    Anyway, who're you guys? What do you like most about MySims? Ummm... what else do you want to know about me, if anything?

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  • SpongeBobfan1258

    (Rick is getting ready for bed. He looks at the calendar behind his wall.)

    Rick: Tonight is finally the night when Jack & Perry go camping with Accura! Just think of it, 1 week without any "JACKIE!! JACKIIIIEEEE!!!!!" YE HE HEEEES!!!! (interruption)

    Perry: Huh Huh JACKIE!!!!

    Rick: (walks outside to find that Jack, Perry, & Accura are out in the woods behind the house) WHAT ON EARTH ARE ACCURA AND YOU TWO IDIOTS DOING???

    Perry: Uh uh camping. What would you excpect? Oh.


    Perry: That IS what we're doing.

    Rick: You can't be camping if you're in the woods 5 feet away from me.

    Jack: *Do I have to?* Ugh. We were gonna go to the Forest Of The Elves but then Perry was freaking out thinking th…

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  • SpongeBobfan1258

    Jack: Hello fans.

    Perry: While you all are waiting for episode 25, we were getting bored.

    Rick: So, now's your other chance for another Q&A SESSION!!

    Accura: And you just might get some answers!


    Accura: I just saw the poll results fly like a bird.

    Rick: You're just not understandable sometimes.

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  • SpongeBobfan1258


    June 29, 2016 by SpongeBobfan1258

    I will be doing the camping one. Thank you for voting.

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  • SpongeBobfan1258

    (Jack, Perry, & Rick are at home. Rick is in the kitchen serving breakfast.)

    Rick: In an honor of our dads, I made waffles in the shape of each of our dad's faces.

    Perry: How did you get the faces right?

    Rick: Dunno. But, anyways, let me grab the syrup and (drops his paper plate and lands on the remote which the TV turns on)

    Announcer: And now, the magician in the kitchen, Chef Rospazio.

    Jack: (gasps) That's... DADDY!!! 

    Perry: Your last name is Rospazio?

    Jack: Dad's been in business a long time Perry. How could you not know?

    Perry: I watch Sim Town's Funniest Cooks.


    Announcer: Now, watch as the icing slowly slithers onto the cake.

    Perry: B.O.R.I.N.G. Boring!!! (changes to Sim Town's Funniest Cooks in which a cook stands on his hands)

    Jack: …

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  • SpongeBobfan1258

    (This episode, we start at Castle Morcubus where Morcubus, Brandi, & Esma are having a chat. They seem to be going on vacation.)

    Morcubus: BWAH-HAH-HAH!!! Isn't this great Esma? Just rest and relaxation for the next week and a half.

    Esma: Yeah, but have you checked your wallet? We need money to get on the plane you know.

    Morcubus:  BRANDI!!!!!

    Brandi: (rushes out with a bathrobe) What are you doing? I just got out of the shower!

    Morcubus: I never checked our wallets.

    Brandi: Now now now, it's ok. I'll just look. (looks in wallet) You're broke.

    Morcubus: So, to get money, I have a plan. (takes out paper) In order not to be arrested, I will disguise as Rick and go to the bank and steal all of their money. Then, I will use it to pay for the trip. …

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  • SpongeBobfan1258

    Jack: Hello fans and boy has it been a long time since you've heard from us.

    Belinda: I know we were supposed to have my introductory episode out but then conflicts soon came.

    Rick: Perry's been out sick with the flu and I had to attend my grandpa's funeral last week.

    Perry: But I'm feeling much better now! And what happened to your grandpa?

    Rick: He had a severe case of the shingles. I know it's not deadly, but his immune system was never that great.

    Accura: And Jack stayed with me while Perry was sick and we went to a basketball game!!!

    Jack: So, here is what we're gonna be doing:

    • Tomorrow: Belinda's introductory
    • Next week sometime: A short
    • Hopefully next week: Maybe the episode after the introductory, we don't know.

    Belinda: So, keep updated an…

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  • SpongeBobfan1258

    Please go there now if you haven't already. I have a pretty sensitive blog there if you would like to see it.

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  • SpongeBobfan1258

    Im leaving

    April 2, 2016 by SpongeBobfan1258

    I CAN'T TAKE IT!!!! The editing is just chaos. I need to leave like NOW!!!!!


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  • JaseyJasee

    I have a problem with modding MySims on the PC. I have recolored some clothing textures, and they have worked fine. However, sometimes at random when I am going through a loading screen to a different section of the town my outfit that I have recolored will revert back to it's default colours! Does anyone know why this happens? And is there a fix for it? Is there more than one file to recolor? (I only recolored the light skin because that is the skin colour of my sim). Also, I tried to replace the female angry eyes with different one's and they didn't show up? I covered all 9 dds images so why did they not show? Did I do something wrong? Thanks to anyone who can help! :)

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  • SpongeBobfan1258

    Jack: Well, it's been a while and we promise to get the Belinda episode out soon!

    Perry: In the mean time, you can watch this EXTREMELY old video by the awesome xxgingerminger.

    Rick: Well, should I say SOME old videos. Let's see, we have....


    Don't forget this

    Or this

    What about some DANCING?

    Accura: Seriously, I laughed my butt off at the ending of the last one.

    Rick: Don't get pOd if Clara has a shaved head. She just did that for some reason.

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  • SpongeBobfan1258

    Do I Dare???

    March 6, 2016 by SpongeBobfan1258

    I'm sort of gonna continue with TSWOJPR. 

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  • SpongeBobfan1258


    January 24, 2016 by SpongeBobfan1258

    Is there anybody on here that can make a box art? I need help making one for my game I've been working on. The page is right here.

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  • SpongeBobfan1258

    (Jack, Perry, & Rick are at Jack & Perry's house. Rick grabs the remote and talks about Accura.)

    Rick: We only have 2 more weeks before Belinda's arrival, so Accura decided to be a weather person.

    Perry: What does weather have to do about Belinda? You're almost as nutty as me.

    Rick: Well, Accura wants Belinda to think that she has an important job because she likes being the center of attention. (turns on TV)

    Jack: Oh, here she is.

    Accura: Hello, hello. Today, we have expected mostly sun around my home town. Also, as you can see here, we have this cold front moving towards the Party City area, around 48 degrees.

    Jack: Woah. But, still she needs to learn that being the center of attention isn't- (interrupted)

    Perry: B-O-R-I-N-G BORING!

    Jack: Go…

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  • SpongeBobfan1258

    Perry: So, we have some news we were going to share after the Season Finale, but we thought we would just tell you guys early.


    Jack: She is not a main character like Accura. But, you guys would call her minor.

    Accura: She is older than Perry, but younger than Rick, Jack, & I. She's 28 to be true.

    Rick: So, put your hands together for (drumming)

    Jack, Perry, Rick, & Accura: BELINDA!!!

    Belinda: Thank you, thank you. It's a pleasure to be here. So, starting in episode 26, I'll be here. I am a special agent, and I'm really good with crimes and all of that junk.

    Accura: That's some good news. Well, I'm book solid today at my dentist office, so we'll see you next episode AND Belinda in Episode 26!


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  • SpongeBobfan1258

    Another Q&A

    January 11, 2016 by SpongeBobfan1258

    The sims are bored listening to Accura's ukelele songs so they would kind of like to answer some fan mail.

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  • SpongeBobfan1258

    (Jack, Perry, & Rick are at Jack & Perry's house. Suddenly, they hear a voice sounding like Accura.)

    Accura: (smashes down the door) Higuyscheckthisoutwheeaah!


    Rick: Why are you holding a ukelele?

    Accura: Well, I bought this for $100 and it's very very very rare.

    Perry: HOLD ON A SECOND!! First of all, you don't have $100 and second, why would you want a small accoustic guitar for? 

    Accura: I've always wanted to play an instrument but this was the closest I could get to a guitar. (plays string realizing it's out of tune)

    Perry: Can I see that? (tunes ukelele) 

    Accura: (plays the same string and still sounds like it did before)

    Rick: Perry's just a nutjob. The real musician should see this. (tunes same string)

    Accura:  I give up.

    Jack, Perry,…

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  • SpongeBobfan1258

    Song quote.

    So, here's a little hint of what Jack, Perry, & Accura look like since I don't have full images yet.

    Skin tone: tan

    Eyes: Same as Buddy's but without the red cheeks. (ones found in Costume Chest)

    Mouth: Big smile

    Hair style: red winter hat

    Hair color: blonde

    Outfit: Sports shirt with a 1 on both sides.

    Skin tone: tan

    Eyes: Same as Jack's.

    Mouth: Same as Jack's.

    Hair style: flat with small bumps all over.

    Hair color: blonde

    Outfit: The same as Patrick's 2nd outfit in MySims Party. (blue shirt with white flowers)

    Skin tone: brown

    All facial features are the same as Amelia's and so is the hair style and color.

    Outfit: Dr. F's outfit but the blue version he sometimes wears in MySims Party.

    If this was real, TSWOJPR would air on ABC in the US, CTV i…

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  • SpongeBobfan1258

    Ok, so I've been gone for like a month now and here's why:

    So, secretly I've been wanting a break from all of this editing business so I made a bet I wouldn't log on for a month and a day. Turns out I did a good job. So, wazzup with you guys?

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  • SkittyTheTwit

    It's 2016!

    January 1, 2016 by SkittyTheTwit

    Hey Guys,

    It's 2016! and I'm hopeful that this year is a splendid one!

    Now lemme talk about what is going on for me on the wiki!

    I will try my best to be more active on this wiki, I will visit from time to time and maybe leave the occasional blog post here and there

    TAOCCA- I'm not sure... I've been very lazy about it... and I don't think Episode 10 will be a thing anytime soon... so... If I ever do make Episode 10, after that TAOCCA will be taking a mid-season Finale... I'm sorry

    But anyway best wishes to all! Bai

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  • SkittyTheTwit


    December 24, 2015 by SkittyTheTwit

    Hai Guys!

    It's me! Skitty! and I'm back!

    I just wanted to say Merry [Insert Holiday Celebration Here]

    And I wish you the best!

    I've been good I've been spending a lot of time focusing other wiki's and other hobbies! so for the time being I'm going to be spending a lot more time on other things!

    so how have you been!? Leave it down in the comments below!

    K Luv U!


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  • SpongeBobfan1258

    Perry: So, hello there. Today, you might have been wondering how Jack is doing after his case of OCD.


    Perry: Shuddup, they're the same thing.

    Rick: So, Let's just take a look at him shall we? (opens door to Jack's room which he is laying in his bed)

    Perry: (whispers) Rick, do you have your doctor tools?

    Rick: (whispers) Uh huh.

    (Rick checks out Jack and he seems to be running normal)

    Jack: Hey, I'm feeling better. Thanks for giving me that medication.

    Rick: Well, um


    Jack: But, he certainly isn't.

    The End

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  • SpongeBobfan1258

    (Jack, Perry, & Rick are at Jack & Perry's house. Perry & Rick watch Jack with a strange response.)

    Perry: Come on Jack. You've been doing this for 3 days now.

    Jack: Must.. clean.. ..your NOSE!!

    Rick: Perry is kinda right man. (Suddenly, an idea comes to Rick's head) Maybe, I could make a medication.

    Perry: You can do that?

    Rick: No. But, Accura can.

    (Jack & Rick arrive at Accura's place while Perry is at home. Accura opens the door.)

    Jack: Hello Accura. Can I help you clean your dentist office? (like a robot)

    Accura: What's wrong with Jack?

    Rick: Well, He kinda has a cleaning problem and we'd hope you could check him out.

    Accura: Ok. Come this way.

    (After running several tests, Accura has finally made a diagnosis.)

    Accura: Well, Jack has a sever…

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  • SpongeBobfan1258

    (Jack, Perry, & Rick are putting away some boxes. They see a picture and pause.)

    Perry: This is my picture from when I was in school.

    Jack: I didn't know you were even in school.

    Perry: EVERYBODY goes to school Jack. (starts crying)

    Rick: You ok?

    Perry: A long time ago...

    (flashback time)

    (Perry and his classmates were in class. The teacher gets their attention.)

    Teacher: Ok class. Today we are going to harvest wood. The tools you will need are on the counter. Perry, you're first.

    Perry: (walks over to counter) Ha Ha! This is too easy.

    Teacher: Only hit the woden plank FIVE TIMES!!

    Perry: (hits the hammer 57 times) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (wood explodes)

    Teacher: Perry, I'm afraid I need to expell (did I spell that corre…

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  • PopcornSenpai

    Hello people of MySims Fannon! I am deeply sorry I haven't been posting anything. I was really caught up with school, family, and just plain stress! I hope you can find it somewhere in those lovely sugar coated hearts of yours to forgive me!

    Now I finally have more time to work on TTOBAS and can't wait to finally start posting more on here. I'm currently working on Episode 2 of TTOBAS and this one's a Christmas special! 

    Stay lovely!

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  • SkittyTheTwit

    Connor: Hey guys

    Chase: We got bored

    Andrew: So! Ask us some questions!

    Bre: And maybe we'll answer back!

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  • SpongeBobfan1258

    Perry: So, a long long time ago, Jack told you guys 5 secrets about me. WHICH I'M STILL MAD AT HIM FOR!! So, I will now tell you 5 secrets about him.

    1. Jack LOVES New Kids On The Block. I caught him listening to them once.


    Jack: You've Got It. The Right Stuf-

    Perry: Hi Jack.

    Jack: Oh. I was just finding the Death Metal channel.

    (flashback ends)

    Perry: Ok. Moving on.

    2. At 2:00 AM, Jack takes out his smart phone, and watch the music video to Blurred Lines (feat. T.I. and Pharrell).

    3. When Jack wakes up in the morning, he does one-handed push-ups.

    4. When Jack takes a bath, he washes his hair with real oranges. (that's why his hair is blonde)

    5. Jack says his sports shirts are made in Germany, but really they are made in China.

    That's i…

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  • SpongeBobfan1258

    Rick: Hello fans. So, after seeing that episode we have something we'd like to share with you. 

    Jack: Accura's going to be going away for a dentist's convention and-(interruption)

    Accura: AH-HEM!!

    Jack: Whoops.

    Accura: So, yes. Like he said, I'll be going away to a dentist's convention and I'd like to keep in touch with the TSWOJPR fans.

    Perry: So, leave your questions you have for our favorite dentist in the comments below and she'll respond. Also, the toilet in the back is stopped up again.

    Jack: Well, let's go.

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  • SpongeBobfan1258

    (It is 8:00 am and Rick is sleeping when all of a sudden Rick wakes up and pulls open the blankets to find Jack & Perry with noise makers.)

    Jack & Perry: (blow noisemakers) Happy Halloween Rick!!


    Perry: I guess you don't understand what today is.

    Rick: What?

    Jack: (in a spooky voice) Tonight, is the night when the ghosts and goblins run beneath your eyelids and people cut down other's doors with permanent scissors.

    Rick: In English please. 

    Perry: HALLOWEEN!!!

    Rick: Well, I could've known better mys- (random sim interrupts)

    Random Sim: GHOST!!

    (Accura comes rushing out next door with a heavy metal over her head)

    Accura: (drops heavy metal) What did you just say?

    The Same Sim: I was preparing for an emerge…

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  • SkittyTheTwit

    (It is Halloween morning, Andrew is drinking a soda in the kitchen, Chase walks up to Andrew. Chase has is work clothes on and is putting on a goblin mask)

    Chase: Hey, Andrew

    Andrew: Yeah?

    Chase: I'm going to be at work all day, I need you to go to the store at some point today and buy candy, but I need you to be back at the house by 6 tonight

    Andrew: What! Why can't Connor do it!?

    Chase: Andrew I've noticed that you've been getting older lately and I think it's about time I started giving you some more mature tasks, I'm not going to take care of you forever. Also Connor will be handing out the candy tonight...

    Andrew: Fine...

    (Chase hands Andrew some money)

    (Time-lapse, Andrew has just gotten out of the department store with 2 bags of candy, …

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  • SpongeBobfan1258

    A halloween episode will be coming soon.

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  • SkittyTheTwit

    Hey Guys!

    I'm sorry I haven't been active on here (and for the stupid*** title) I've been on other wiki's... I've also been considering create more fan games on here...

    (MySims Pokemon)

    TAOCCA Is going kind of slow I have been lately uninspired to write but Episode 10 coming eventually...

    J... Ju... Just Wait... It's coming... Soon...

    To fill the unnecessary TAOCCA hole... I'm going to be writing/creating a TAOCCA Halloween short called TAOCCA Halloweenies

    Anyway... Um... QUESTION TIME!

    How do you spend Halloween! leave it in the comments below!

    K! Bai!

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  • SpongeBobfan1258

    I'm almost up to 900 edits.

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  • SkittyTheTwit

    The Fate of TAOCCA

    October 7, 2015 by SkittyTheTwit

    Hey Guys,

    Don't worry for all 2 of you who were worried that TAOCCA was going to end IT'S NOT...

    I've just been busy with other stuff... However I am currently unsatisfied with the way Episode 10 looks so far So I'm changing the Episode entirely

    However I'm having a bit of trouble deciding what plat to write about so...

    What Do You Want To See On TAOCCA Episode 10

    Connor dealing with an Unhealthy Obsession

    Anyway Thanks for reading an peace!

    Now to go back to my real life!

    (Goes on YouTube)

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  • SkittyTheTwit

    Hey Guys!

    I'm Back with more TAOCCA Fanart! This time I drew Connor as his 2 Favorite Characters in the new Super Smash Bros game, because I have issues!

    Anyway see ya later and Here's a poll

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  • SpiritAnimal


    September 24, 2015 by SpiritAnimal

    Can someone tell me some of the fonts used to make some of the images? Like the ones that Google made. I just adore that font. kthxbye 

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  • SpiritAnimal

    I got the game MySims for PC yesterday and I was wondering how to actually make the screenshots transparents. Thank you if you can help! :)

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  • SkittyTheTwit

    Leave down in the comments what you want me to draw next...

    That or I can draw all the TAOCCA Characters as their Signature Characters in Super Smash Bros 4 (I Don't Know)

    Anyway bye...

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  • SkittyTheTwit

    Connor: Hey! Skitty is currently away on a mini vacation

    Chase: So! I though you could ask us a few questions!

    Andrew: So just leave your questions in the comments below!

    Bre: See Ya!

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  • PopcornSenpai

    TOBAS- Pilot

    September 7, 2015 by PopcornSenpai

    The Tales of Bre, Alea, and Sarah: Episode one~ Pilot

    Bre: (Bre is sitting in her living room, watching an old black and white mobster movie.)

    (A loud knock comes from behind Bre's front door.)

    Bre: (Bre quickly turns off the T.V.) Comin' (Bre runs to the door.) Hiyo!

    (Two of Bre old friends are at the door)

    Sarah: Hi Breana. It's us, Sarah and Alethakit.

    Alea: We won free plane tickets so we can hang out.

    Bre: (Bre just stands there before smiling and hugging both of the girls) I missed you two...


    Bre: (Bre opens the door for the two as to invite them inside her home. )

    Alea: So what's the new city like?

    Bre: Hmm...well over the past couple of months I've gotten a job in martia…

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  • PopcornSenpai

    The Tales of Bre, Alea, and Sarah: Prologue

    (Sarah and Alea are both sitting at Sarah's desk watching a funny video. Then, a pop up ad that can't be skipped starts)

    Alea: Uuuugghgg

    Sarah: (Sarah crosses her arms)

    Ad: Hey! You two! Yeah, you guys! Do you have a friend that moved away but you can only video chat with them?

    Alea: Hey, we have one of those! Remember Bre?

    Sarah: (Sarah puts her index finger on Alea's lips)

    Ad: Are you and your friend not getting any time to actually talk? Well, you're in luck!!! We're giving away two free Plane tickets to Party City!

    (Sarah and Alea dash to the wall phone and Alea dials the number)

    Phone Operator: Congratulations, you're the fifth caller! Your plane tickets will be arriving now!

    (The doorbell goes off)


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