Billy (MSG) Billy Galaxy On the left is his appearance in the first part of the game, and on the right is his appearance in the second part of the game.
Name Billy
Home/Home Galaxy Lunar Lab Galaxy
Species Human
Group Sim-Brigade
Role Stargazer/Explorer
Family None

Billy appears in the Wii version of MySims Galaxy. He is a stargazer in the Lunar Lab Galaxy for the first part of the game and Professor Nova treats him like a son. He is then part of the Sim-Brigade for the second part of the game.


Plan Hunt

Objective: Collect all eight pieces of paper scattered around the lab.

Introduction Dialogue: Darn! All my telescope plans are missing. My plans ... Hey, [player name]. Could you find them for me? They're probably somewhere inside the lab.

Notepad Task Information: Billy has lost his telescope plans. Help him, by finding them as quickly as possible.

Conclusion Dialogue: Thanks, [player name]!

Notepad Task Conclusion Dialogue: Well done! Now Billy's got his plans back, he can work on his telescope. I wonder who else will lose their plans ...

Reward: Astronaut Suit, Billy's First Outfit.

Operation Rocket Is Complete!

Objective: Control Makoto to make her put the rocket parts together.

Introduction Dialogue: Dr. F? Can she build the rocket for us?

Notepad Task Information: Dr. F has given you control of Makoto. Use her to build the rocket.

Conclusion Dialogue: Finally! It's together! Thanks. Without you, none of this would of happened.

Notepad Task Conclusion Dialogue: Well done. Now both projects are complete, and your work there is done.

Reward: Billy's Second Outfit.



  • Why hello there, I'm Billy. Welcome to the Lab.

When working on another Lunar Lab Galaxy mission

  • Sorry about the chaos. You just get use to it after a while!
  • Do you like music, [player name]?
  • Stars are so pretty, I do love looking at them!

After completing Billy's missions

  • Our plans are coming along nicely. Everything's going well.
  • If you ever want a book on something. Just go and ask Brownie. She's sure to have it.

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