Name Billy
Home/Home Galaxy Shooting Stars Galaxy
Species Human
Group None
Role Star Gazer
Family None

Billy appears in MySims Galaxy DS. He is a stargazer in the Shooting Stars Galaxy. He works with Professor Nova in the Observatory.


Telescope Tragedy!

Objective: Find all the missing parts of the telescope and fix it

Introduction Dialogue: Oh no! [player name], could you help us please. We got broken into last night, and they nicked a few things and smashed the telescope! I've found a few parts but could you help me find the rest of it. Then we can put it back together!

Notepad Task Information: The Observatory was broken into last night and the telescope got shattered. Billy wants you to come and help find all the pieces and fix it. Can you help them?

Conclusion Dialogue: Oh thank you! That is so kind of you! I'm off to install a better security system here. All I know of the robbers is they were dressed in red and black. I couldn't see any faces on the CCTV though. Thanks anyway, [player name].

Notepad Task Conclusion Dialogue: You fix the telescope, and the robbers were wearing black and red, I wonder if it's MorcuCorp ...

Reward: Billy's outfit, Billy is now a contact on your phone



  • Hey there, welcome to the Observatory. I'm Billy, nice to meet you!

When working on another Shooting Stars Galaxy mission

  • Have you met the rest of the team? They're great to work with!
  • Do you ever look at the stars and wonder what's out there? I do all the time.

After completing Billy's missions

  • I love being here, it's so great!
  • Shine bright like a diamond- A bit of star related Rihanna, get me!
  • I like singing, do you?

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