Agent Beebee Beebee

Character Info

Role Leader of Affiliation
Affiliation Collectable Kingdom Pals

Beebee appears in MySims Stranded as the princess of the Collectable Kingom Pals after the S.S. Queen B. crashed into Crystal Cove. From there on, her and her freinds formed their tribe and began evolution on the island. Even though she's their leader, she likes doing some of the work such as fluffing the bunnies, carrot farming, etc. She is always depressed and mean though after the ship sank because Preston is on the opposite tribe as her until you:

  • Cheer her up by helping her out with her uncivilized tribe and combining your tribes so she can be with Preston.
  • Ruin (burn down)the tribe so they are scared off.
  • Just leave it the way it is (the game won't be complete if you leave it.)

It's your choice. It's hard to merge tribes with her because she's so angry so you must converse with her without her being able to heart you. Once you do whatever you do with her with the two options, you get to be able to change your outfit and build on their land. From completing her, you get to wear her outfit in Create-A-Sim.


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