Barney (MSG Icon) Barney Cull
Barney Cull (MSSH)
Name Barney (MSG Icon) Barney Cull
Home/Home Galaxy Observatory
Species Human
Group Galactical Force
Role Captain
Family Mira Cull and Elmira Clamp

Barney Cull appears in MySims Galaxy. He is the captain of the Observatory and runs the Galactical Force. He spends most of his time in the Control Room or with his daughter Mira Cull, and wife Elmira Clamp.


Center of the Universe

Objective: Defeat Morcubus in the final battle.

Introduction Dialogue: [player name], it's time. We have helped everyone out, and now it's time to end this, for once and for all! We receiving really high nightmare readings from there. This leads us to think that Morcubus has nearly finished creating this Nightmare Scepter object that connects our realm to the Nightmare Realm. So be careful!

Notepad Task Information: You've come to the final mission, the battle that ends this all ...

Conclusion Dialogue: {N/A as is the Ending}

Notepad Task Conclusion Dialogue: You did it! MorcuCorp has finally been defeated! Well done!

Reward: Barney Cull's outfit.



  • {N/A}

When working on another mission

  • How is it going, where did you visit recently?
  • Could you go send Mira this message from me ... actually, never mind. I need to go to do some other stuff as well so yeah. Sorry to disturb you.

After completing Barney Cull's missions

  • Did you ever wonder how I met Gabby? Well, we've been old friends for ages, met at school. We lost contact after we left school but in the past 20 years, we met up again and, we'll here we are!
  • Hello there, how are you today. Enjoy yourself?
  • You defiantly deserve the right to wear my outfit, you've done so much. Thank you.

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