Barney Cull is a kind, elder man who runs various different vehicles and lives with his daughter, Mira Cull. He appears in MySims Galaxy, MySims Islands, MySims Townies, MySims Action, MySims Kingdom (3DS), MySims CityLife, MySims Nova, MySims Interstellar, MySims, MyLife, MySims Adventure and MySims Fusion.

Role in Games


  • Barney Cull's name is a pun of the word, "barnacle".
  • Barney's picture is seen in the Boudreaux Mansion. Meaning he is either a friend or relative to Cyrus Boudreaux.
  • According to Mira, Barney has an fPhone, which is probably a reference to the iPhone, plus it could of been made by Dr. F.
    • Also, Barney and DJ Candy are the only Sims know to own a fPod.
  • Although Barney is out at sea a lot, he is allergic to stingrays.
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