The Salem Family Dog

Created by NinjaZane

The loyal dog to all members of the Salem family (well, all except Virtue), Balthazar is a strange beed of Great

The Salem Family Dog, Balthazar

Dane, Dalmatian, and a Grey Hound. Balthazar dislikes all males who are not bonded to the Salem family; due to his royal demenor, he respects most if not all females.

MySims (Be MySim... Please?)

Balthazar stays with Sin's Parents mainly, but after he meets Chaz McFreely, Goth Boy, and Blanie, he became determined to stay with Sin (his trust in them = None). He constantly patrols the front of her house, making sure they can't get inside, let alone to the door. His over protectiveness annoys Sin to no end, but she loves him anyway.

MySims Kingdom (Part 1 and 2)

Balthazar goes around the Kingdom with Sin and co. as instructed by Sin's parents. Balthazar is a bit more lazy and loves nothing more than to sleep the day away. The only time he is energetic is when danger is near by... or Zombie Carl is around. Balthazar has developed a strange liking for the taste of rotting flesh.

In My Past Mistakes Balthazar does not have a major role.

MySims Agents

Balthazar is found at the Boudreaux Mansion with Arna and Rascal Salem (Sin's Parents) playing his role as gaurd dog. His role is not important there, but later he becomes a great asset to finding the Nightmare Crown.

If in the game his Intrests would be

  • Paranormal
  • Nature
  • Athletic

MySims SkyHeroes (My First Time for Flight)

Playing his loyal role like always, he is found protecting Elizabeth from all forms of danger. From the very
Balthzathar's Love

NinjaZane: A joke picture I drew that mimics the picture "Elizabeth's Love" that is posted on my profile. It's Balthazar messing with the same guys Elizabeth likes to hang out with. And yes, he stole Chaz's pants :) this picture is rather old becasue Balthazar does not have is neck accesory in these pictures.

beggining he has a deep hate for the Chaos Pirates and will do anything to keep Elizabeth away from them. He also has a sixth sense of which is very powerful and he uses it to his advantage to keep Elizabeth out of trouble.


  • No matter what time period (of which the story resides in) Balthazar's age does not change

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