The Bakewell Cafe is a cafe owned by Chef Charlie (Bakewell) Delicioso . It appears in MySims CityLife , in the borough of Almond Hills. On each table is two expensive saucers, a couple of champagne glasses, a Japanese vase holding a white rose, a menu, cutlery and a folded napkin. The BC is known to be very expensive as on the exterior there is a smaller menu (which can be 'interacted with'), the menu features a showcase of the cafe's best dishes, such as a chocolate and raspberry sponge cake and Charlie's signature dish- Chinese Cake. 

On the exterior it looks like another log cabin surrounded by evergreen forests with a porch and a stubby chimney, with a menu beside the door, but inside is a fine dining experience with a gelato and sorbet container, next to a counter with a cash register, bag dispenser and a typewriter. East of the gelato and sorbet countainer is a wide selection of many exotic cakes and pastries. Towards the centre of the room is many tables, all decorated with white linen cloth. At the back of the room, past the tables is an array of vending machines including (from left to right); one for sushi, one for cold drinks, one for chocolate bars, one for crisps and one for figurines. Beyond the counter is a door leading into a high-tech kitchen with a stove, american style fridge-freezer and sink. 


Chef Charlie (Bakewell) Delicioso

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