"Ashley Gray" redirects here. For Ruby410 or the canon Sim, see: Ashley (Ruby410) or Ashley (SIM).

Ashley Gray is a MySims character who was scrapped from MySims Invasion.

Role in Games


  • She was scrapped from The MySims Agents 2, too. Her icon is in the gallery below.
  • She appears in The Sims 3, living in Icecream18's Barnacle Bay with her sisters Madison and Evelyn.
  • Her personality is almost the same, she has the Genius trait, along with Hot-Headed. But she also has the Friendly, Good and Never Nude traits.
  • She is a teen in Barnacle Bay, but in The Sims 2, she is a child. Also, In The Sims 3 World Adventures on mobile, she is an adult.
  • In Sims 2, she is Cassandra Goth's daughter. She becomes a Gray when she marries into the Gray family.
  • She is also mentioned in MySims Agents (DS).

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