Ashley (DS)
Name Ashley
Home/Home Galaxy Unknown
Species Human
Group Sim-Brigade
Role Member of Sim Brigade
Family Abel

Ashley appears in MySims Galaxy DS and she is a member of the Sim-Brigade. She is the "Earth & Nature" Element of the Sim-Brigade. She is very creative and enjoys being surrounded by nature. She appears in your contacts from when you first meet the Sim-Brigade.

Recommended Galaxies

She is most helpful in the Garden galaxies.



  • Hello there. I'm Ashley, I hope I'll be able to be of some assistance on your travels.

At the Observatory

  • I'm interested in Pottery and Flowers, are you? I wonder if I'd be able to combine the two one day...
  • Have you met my brother Abel? He works in the Mall in the Magnificent Mall Galaxy.
  • *humming*

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