"Ashley" redirects here. For Ashley Gray, see: Ashley Gray. For the OC by Ruby410, see: Ashley (Ruby410).

Ashley is a friendly, cheerful, woman who is the florist of a resort island and loves pretty things, especially flower. She has a brother named Abel who runs a furniture shop. She listens in to people's private talking and likes to gossip. She gives you a F-syntheizer and gives you a extractor to collect essences. She thinks you have the prettiest eyes. And she claims that she can tell a lot about you and your emotion through your eyes. She makes the outside stuff like lamp posts, flower beds, benches, water fountains and lots more.

Role in Games


  • There is a figurine of Ashley in MySims Kingdom.
  • In MySims Agents (DS), Ashley says she has a crush on Trevor, who is already married to Linda.

Foreign Names

  • English: Ashley
  • Dutch: Anne

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