Annie Toymender
Annie Toymender
Name Annie Toymender
Home/Home Galaxy Totally Toys Galaxy
Species Human
Group None
Role Resident
Family Terry and Zeke

Annie Toymender appears in MySims Galaxy. She lives in Totally Toys Galaxy with her father and her brother. She is usally found in Terry's Toy Warehouse. She gives you the clue to finding the Rubber Ducky. You always give one to Annie, as once you fish it up, there is a clip where you give one of them to Annie.


Lost in the Factory

Objective: Find Annie's paintbrush, paint pallet and a canvas.

Introduction Dialogue: Hi! Could you help me pretty please? I've lost all my art things, I've searched all around the house but can't find it. Whilst I check out the Warehouse, could you check in the Factory for me?

Notepad Task Information: Annie's lost all her arty things and would like some help finding them. She wants you to check out the Factory, could you be so kind to do that for her, pretty please with a cherry on top?

Conclusion Dialogue: Fabs! You found them. I so owe you one. Anyways, thankies for your help!

Notepad Task Conclusion Dialogue: Annie was very happy that you've helped her, what a kind [gentleman/lady] you are!

Reward: Annie Toymender's outfit.



  • Hey there! I'm Annie, welcome to our home!

When working on another Totally Toys Galaxy mission

  • What was your favourite childhood toy? Whatever it is, I'm sure you'll be able to find one somewhere!
  • Have you met my big brother Zeke? He's awesomely cool and a great cook!

After completing Annie Toymender's missions

  • Hey [player name]! Guess what I saw earlier, two Rubber Duckies! And they was swimming in our pond! Perhaps you could try and fish them out, if you do, can I have one pretty please?
  • Lalalalalalalalala!
  • Are you into Art? I am!
  • :D

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