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Annie Radd is a rock n' roll kind of girl. She loves music and to sing and has eventually started her own band. She appears in MySims Townies, MySims Fusion, MySims Islands, MySims: Build Your Life!, MySims Medieval, MySims Invasion and MySims Build It.

Role in Games


  • Annie's last name, Radd, is a pun of the word "radical", meaning cool.
  • It is somewhat ironic for her to be a Smarts sim because in MySims, she hates Studious, the very interest smarts is based after.
  • If you send Annie Radd on Makoto's dispatch mission, she reveals you that she never had gone to high school.
  • When you send Annie on the One More Time dispatch mission, she will reveal that her fear is funky acoustics.
  • Annie has written several songs, some of which being All the Animals, Kittens Got Claws and Drowning (Without Your Love).
  • She appears to be a fan of Leaf seeing as how she will reference him if he is sent on her dispatch mission
  • In MySims, Annie makes a remark that Odin Revolution has his Mythology mixed up, this probably shows a little intelligence in her despite not attending high school as mentioned in Mysims Agents, this could've also made Annie a Smarts sim.
  • In MySims Racing, Annie cameos after the Ultimate Cup.
  • In MySims Police Force, Annie was originally going to be 50 years old for some reason. Her age was later changed to 25.
  • Annie is married to Odin in MySims Medieval, and Odin is your cousin, so she is your cousin-in-law.
  • Annie is from a Rocking Kingdom in MySims Medieval, however, if you do not name your kingdom this, it is never viewble.
  • Annie is allergic to bananas in MySims Medieval.

Foreign Name

  • English: Annie Radd
  • French: Mélodie Apason
  • Spanish: Anita Trastes
  • German: Angie Ratte
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