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Age:16 Star Level:1 Resident Type:Your Neighbor Name of home:Angelica's House

Angelica is a nice girl that is obssessed with books.She is your best friend and she loves mystery books. She stars in MySims 4.


She has something other geeks don't...MULTICOLORED HAIR (Orange,brown and black).Also,she only gets A+'s.


  • Geeky
  • Studious


  • Spooky


Task 1

Description:Ughh! I can't fit all my books in my bookshelf! Can you build me one?

Requirments:Bookshelf with 5 apples

Reward:Heart Sunglasses

Thanking Dialouge:Thank YOU!!!!!(Kisses you on the cheek)

Task 2


Requirments:Bed with 2 dark wood and 3 roses.

Reward:Pile of books

Thanking Dialouge:Thanks for the good night sleep!


Hotel Description

  • Oh,Hi [player name]! I've missed you soo much!

Accept Move-In

  • Yes,I'd love to! Can I be your neighbor?

After You Build House

  • I can't wait to be your neighbor!

Request For More Stuff

  • May I have a few touch-ups to my house?

Star Level 2

  • I just finished a great mystery book! Want to read it?

Star Level 3

  • Do you have trouble with building? You can borrow my book "The Building Basics and Advanced".[You chose yes or no]
  • I love being your neighbor!

Star Level 4

  • Visit the library,its very interesting

Star Level 5

  • What is the tallest building? The library because it has the most stories! Teehee!

Best Friend

  • Heres a present,I want to thank you for all you have done for me.

Best Friend Reward

  • [Boy] Knight's Outfit
  • [Girl] Princess Outfit


  • Angelica's full name is Angelica Maria Dalisa
  • She is also best friends with Buddy

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