Ancient Logo

It is the second time period you visit in MySims Invasion. There is a time traveler named Amelia stuck in these times and a mime named Yvette who, in modern times gives advice on the top of the mountain. It is a desert that features three pyramids, one that Mel owns, one that Blaine owns and one that Cassandra the ghost owns. The area also has a time keeper named Darra, who stops you from leaving.



MorcuCorp Activity

In ancient times, MorcuCorp has interest with the treasure in the pyramids. They want the treasures inside, to get the first treasure, they hired Blaine. But his temple had a cell phone in it. Mel's pyramid has water (Since the pyramid holds the ruler's greatest treasure) but Cassandra's contains a lot of gold.


Dramatic Mimic

Mime Guess

Dolly Designer

Ghost Hunters

Swim for Your Mummy!

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