"Amy Sorel" redirects here. For the SIM, see: Amy.
Amy Sorel
Amy Sorel image
No further image available so Her MSA pic will be here 'till then
Vital statistics
Title Vampire lair
Gender Female
Race Vampire...Sim
Faction 1 890 456 years old
Health Unknown
Level Star level 5
Status Sneaks into peoples houses
Location Your town,Speedville,The town that hosts festivals,Spookane & Sky force

Amy is a vampire that moves into your town once it has reached 5 stars.


Amy the vampire has a vampire lair that you can have in your town once it has reached 5 stars


Amy has a lair.

Games she appears in

  • MySims
  • MySims Kingdom
  • MySims Racing
  • MySims Party
  • MySims SkyHeroes


Hotel inroduction:This place really needs a couple v-More people.

Accept move in:I will bi-Be happy to move here

Request for more stuff:This place needs to have more furniture to match my tastes

Task 1:

Dialogue:I need stuff that will frighten my guests...but what?

Requirments:Jack-in-the-box with 10 thorns,Sarcophagus with 30 bacon


Hint:In the forest I dug up some bacon.Check out the forest.

Thanking dialogue:Now thats something that will make you jump...or give you goosebumps.

Task 2:

Dialogue:I need something that will tell my guests...BEWARE!

Requirments:Sculpture with 10 mad & 5 sad


Hint:To get mad be mean to somebody.To get sad you will need to be mean to somebody as well.

Thanking dialogue:Thanks...Thats all my friend.

Task 3:

Dialogue:I need a office to bi-Help my guests.

Requirments:Desk with 30 dark wood,Chair with 6 dark wood & 1 ghost,Chair with 6 dark wood & 1 ghost.


Best friend:I wont bi-Help you now because you are my friend

Best Friend Reward

Amys outfit


  • In MySims & Party she has violet's voice type but in MySims Kingdom, Racing & SkyHeroes she has Lyndsay's voice type.
  • Amy makes a small cameo apperance in Agents after you finish Boudreaux Mansion when she appears behind a bush taking a picture of you for the newspaper. This means she is probaly working for Luis .

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