Amy (DS)
Name Amy
Home/Home Galaxy Shooting Stars Galaxy
Species Human
Group None
Role Stargazer
Family Emily

Amy appears in MySims Galaxy DS. She is a stargazer in the Shooting Stars Galaxy. Her sister Emily thinks that Amy looking into the sky will lead her to her star-prince. She is good friends with Billy.


Mesmerized by Meteors

Objective: Take a picture of as many meteors as you can.

Introduction Dialogue: Hey. The sky is so mesmerizing when meteors fly across it, and I'd really like for you to see it! Why don't you take some pictures to help remember what it looks like

Notepad Task Information: Amy wants you to see the meteors fly across the sky. Take some pictures on your phone to remember how beautiful it is!

Conclusion Dialogue: Awesome, they're really good! I hope you had fun.

Notepad Task Conclusion Dialogue: You'll be able to remember this moment forever, how sweet!

Reward: Amy's outfit, Amy is now a contact on your phone



  • H-Hello there, I'm Amy.

When working on another Shooting Stars Galaxy mission

  • Have you met my sister Emily? She's looking for her star prince to arrive one day ...
  • *whistles*

After completing Amy's missions

  • I do hope you enjoyed watching the meteors with me, they're really pretty aren't they?
  • How are you today, feeling alright?

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