Ame Cull is Barney Cull's daughter and Elmira Clamp's stepdaughter. She is an artistic party animal.

Roles in Games


  • She is the middle child of her family while Mira is the youngest and Jamie is the oldest.
  • The reason why Ame wears a bandanna is because of her constant fear of her "really" long hair.
  • Ame fears of her long hair being revealed which is her only fear.
  • Ame's family history involves pirates so it also means that Ame has pirate blood in her.
  • During the weekends, Ame often goes on a road trip to travel to Barnacle Bay with her family. When she goes back to SimCity, she'll get homesick often and put her feelings in her artwork.
  • Every Friday the 13th, Ame will become more superstitous than ever and may wear her two lucky favorite colors, two bandannas, and all the good luck charms. Though in reality, people back at Barnacle Bay will often make fun of her though she doesn't mind.
  • According to Amanda Jane, the potion that she gave her will wear off a bit every March each year her birthday passes, so it means that she will be 6'0" when she's older and stop growing.
  • Weighs 99 pounds.
  • Although she's mostly scared of horror movies, she isn't afraid to watch the Halloween series movies, The Roommate, The Grey, I Am Legend, and Sorority Row.

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