Agent Walker
Agent Walker (MSA)
Name Agent Walker
Home/Home Galaxy Detective Galaxy
Species Human
Group None
Role Head Agent
Family None

Agent Walker appears in the Wii version of MySims Galaxy as the Head Agent on the Detective Galaxy. He is training Buddy to be an agent in the game.


Who are you?

Objective: Complete the test to prove who you are.

Introduction Dialogue: I'm sorry, but before we can allow you to enter, you must complete this test.

Notepad Task Information: You've come across a top-secret spy agency. The only way in is to pass the test ... good luck!

Conclusion Dialogue: Okay, thank you [player name]. We just have to check who comes in and out of here, welcome to the agency!

Notepad Task Conclusion Dialogue: Well done on passing the test. You've made it into the agency, see if you can discover anything unusual while you're there.

Reward: Agent Walker's outfit.



  • {See first task}

When working on another Detective Galaxy mission

  • {N/A as this has to be the first task}

After completing Agent Walker's missions

  • Welcome to the agency. How may we help you, [player name].
  • Have you met Jenny? She's the receptionist here, she keeps us all on schedule and gives us all the latest news. A wonderful asset to the team!
  • Have you met our agent in training, Buddy? He's a lovely chap, great potential!
  • What about Natalia, she's the oldest agent her, except me. She is very intelligent and a great agent, be sure to meet her sometime!

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