Adventurers Galaxy is a galaxy in the Wii version of MySims Galaxy, that is accessable via the Kitchen. It is similar to the Jungle Temple.



Note: Along with various other unnamed Lemurs and other jungle animals that you cannot interact with

Areas of Interest

  • Base Camp - The camp in which Lyndsay is staying whilst completing her exploration of the area
  • The Lake - A large lake which is the watering hole for many animals you are unable to interact with, such as giraffes and zebras
  • The Cave - The dark tunnel leading to a huge cave which is where King Mike and his coconuts have lived for many years since the accident at MorcuCorp
  • The Padoga Tree - The tree in which Magellan has set up it's base
  • Magellan's Hideout - An tree top clearing in which Magellan has set up it's home along with various other lemurs
  • The Waterfall - A beautiful location in which the river falls into a small pool of water
  • The Shrines - The area which is home to the wind, fire, earth and water shrines which have to be given an offering in order to clear the path to the Padoga Tree


Type of Essence

Essence Name

How to Obtain Picture
Fish Electric Eel Fish in the Lake Electric Eel
Trophy Globe Complete the Adventurers Galaxy's Super Shiny Comet Globe

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